Spring Color Watercolor Pictures

Are you longing for the Spring to come?
Liquid water color is a relatively new media developed for children. Dye based concentrated water color is very inexpensive and will last forever. This media may stain your fingers longer than washable paints but I am always impressed with art works created by young children using this liquid water color. Children tend not to plan what to paint ahead of time, so they blend colors and water spontaneously on the water color paper. Their pictures blooms like flowers!

Things you need: Watercolor paper, brushes of various sizes, water can, paint palette, and liquid water color. You can substitute dry water colors in palette or other water color in tubes.

Where to buy liquid water colors Discount School Supply,and Dick and Blick Each color cost less than $3.00

What you can do Using brushes of various sizes, you blend liquid water color on the water color paper. Add more water using wide brushes. Watch how the colors blend together and make different shapes.

You can also use coffee filters. Fold the filter and dip into liquid water color and drip thinner water color onto the filter.