Valentine’s Collage Card

how to make a valentine's day card

This is an easy card to make. Basically you make a red heart collage on the red card with red hearts of various sizes and  textures. You can find different red papers in the scrap book making section of any craft store.

Things you Need: One folded blank card (shown in red) , various tones of red papers with different textures,  a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and  heart shaped rhinestones.  A ribbon and clear dot adhesive are optional.

1. Draw various hearts on red paper and cut out the hearts. You can use  a heart shaped object to trace, or draw free hand hearts on the paper. I also like to use Fiskars Stencils to draw hearts. Prepare more hearts than you need to get
inspirational designs.

2. Put the heart shapes of various sizes, papers, colors and textures on the pre-folded blank card. Move around the hearts to find a design that you like before you start gluing them.

3. Glue hearts on the card. You can glue them randomly or make a design using heart shapes. The rhinestones are best glued with clear adhesive dots such as ZOTS, which have some flexibility to prevent the stones from falling off.  Have a happy Valentine’s day!

Valentines day card

There are a lot more possibilities to design with heart shapes!

heart flower card