Praise and Recognize when your child is doing well

50 ways to praise kidsRecently I found a blog asking people to praise her without questioning the details of her situation. She only asked  people to praise her for working hard to raise her children, taking care of her household chores and going to work every day.  I saw over 280 responses to her request in a few days. All comments were positive, understanding and sharing their own needs to be praised.

As parents, we are busy and often only notice children when they are doing something wrong. I think it is far more important that we recognize when they are making good choices. You should notice when they do the right thing without prompting and say, ” I like when you did….” “Well done” and “Thank You for…  .” etc. Paying attention to a good and desirable behavior is the first step for helping children to learn better choices.

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I should make a magnet to praise moms, dads and other people raising kids and working hard, too!