Personalized Handmade Stamps

rabbit stampI made handmade stamps for my friends as Christmas gifts. This is an easiest print making and very fun. You can make one of kind personalized stamps that symbolize you.

Things you need; a tracing paper, a pencil, an eraser or linoleum board, Linoleum cutters(v gouge liner and u shaped cutter) and stamp pads.

1. Draw an image with your name on a tracing paper. Think about an image that symbolizes you. For example I made an guitar stamp for somebody who loves to play. I looked for an image I liked in the  free clip art sites, printed the image in the size I needed and traced it on the tracing paper. I chose a rabbit for the sample because the 2011 is the year of rabbit.

2. Turn over the tracing paper and place it on the top of eraser or linoleum board. Rub the image onto the eraser with your finger nail. You see the reversed image printed on the eraser.

3. Curve the outline of the image and name with a v gouge liner and curve the excess with u shaped cutter. When you finished curving, clean the surface and STAMP. If you don’t like the result, curve more until you like the image.

curvingu-shaped cuttercurve till you likecat-nancy