Trick or Treat in Seattle and kids with Autism

Are you ready for Trick Or Treating with your kids?
I used to make original costumes for my son. The most praised one was a card board airplane with flushing lights. My proudest costume is a Harry Potter Quidditch robe with a Gryffindor detailed emblem.

The most laughed one was an enlarged 4 feet long Almond Joy wrapper. We photocopied with an architectural size printer ,and added some color and holes to show his face and arms.

This is a time to be creative and make original and quick costumes. Generally speaking, to sew costumes using patterns is time consuming and not original.  It is important not to be stressed out about Halloween Costumes.

If you are with children with Autism and Asperger’s, Halloween may not be a fun day. It is scary, noisy and unpredictable. This is a day that you could be anybody but if he/she doesn’t want to trick or treat, it is OK to be at home and stay in his/her room alone. If he/she had siblings, let them to go with their friends and their parents, or one of you stay with the child with Autism and the other parent can go with the siblings.

A Happy and Safe Halloween!