children's face shield

Face Shield-Basic

This craft shield in no way replaces the N-95 mask or any other professionally prepared protection gear, but it is fun to create a face shield with children and talk about how Covid-19 can be spread and how we can help each other.

This blog helps you to make a basic children’s face shield and visit the decorative face shield for the monster maske shield and more!

Basic face shield

It has been difficult to adjust to our new life since March, 2020. We are entering the 5th month of the Covid-19 pandemic and restricted life here in Seattle/ Bellevue, Washington. Many school districts decided to start classes online in the fall.

Supplies to make a basic shield

You will need;

  1. A piece of sheet foam of any color, 9×12 inches. This is a thin solid spongy material, but not one with holes like a sponge.
  2. Half of a clear plastic report folder
  3. A roll of double sided tape
  4. 1/8 inch wide elastic – about 20 inch long
  5. A pen to mark
  6. Two brass paper fasteners
  7. A pair of scissors
  8. A single hole punch ( I used 1/8 inch hole punch)
  9. A ruler

Cut the foam, one 2 inch wide and another 1 inch wide, both 12 inches long.

Fold the 2 inch wide foam strip in half lengthwise to make a 1 in wide strip, Use the double sided tape to sandwich the clear plastic sheet between the two sides of the folded strip.

Punch 4 holes on the 1 inch wide strip ; 1/2 inch and 2 1/4 inch from each edge.

Punch 2 holes on the folded strip with the plastic sheet; 1 inch from each edge.

Join the two strips with the two paper fasteners as shown above. Make sure to use the round side inside, so you won’t be scratched when you wear the shield.

Insert the 20 inch long elastic into the holes and tie together.

Use materials like these to decorate the shield.

Monster Shield to protect us against Covid-19