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You may walk your neighborhood more often than you used to lately. I walk my dogs rain or shine throughout the year and it is nice, but sometimes encountering many runners makes me a little anxious. So …. avoiding the crowded(!) residential streets, I change my walking routes and started noticing the hearts decorating peoples’ houses. The movement was started by a Facebook page, Happy Heart Hunt. The page says: The group is created to spread HAPPINESS, LOVE, KINDNESS and POSITIVITY during these unprecedented times. Idea credits to and Heather Henthorn.

Drawing heart shapes with young children is not easy. When in my fully equipped office, I had easy tools to trace and cut heart shapes. Now, doing sessions online, I discovered how easy it is to cut out heart shapes with just a paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors.

You pick a piece of paper, fold and draw a several half heart shapes like in the photo above, then cut the folded paper with a pair of scissors. You can make any size, wider or longer hearts very easily. The above paper was painted with watercolor before cutting. The below is a demonstration piece I created with one of clients. I just traced my hand and glued on the hearts.

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