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Adult Face Shield Making Tutorial

By now we are accustomed to wear face masks in the state of Washington but it is sometimes helpful to have a face shield for talking while safe distancing. I like to be able to lift the plastic shield and have a sip of water as needed. This face shield is not meant to replace […]

How I see my clients during the pandemic!

Over 6 months into our new normal life with Covid-19 pandemic, it became clear that I need to create a system to safely see my adults clients in-person. The State of Washington still requests that we wear face covers inside small rooms. In the therapy setting, if we are meeting in person, it is important […]

Face Shield-Basic

This craft shield in no way replaces the N-95 mask or any other professionally prepared protection gear, but it is fun to create a face shield with children and talk about how Covid-19 can be spread and how we can help each other. This blog helps you to make a basic children’s face shield and […]

Thank you Art

You may walk your neighborhood more often than you used to lately. I walk my dogs rain or shine throughout the year and it is nice, but sometimes encountering many runners makes me a little anxious. So …. avoiding the crowded(!) residential streets, I change my walking routes and started noticing the hearts decorating peoples’ […]

Inner journey after SARS-COV-2

Today is the first day of April. It is almost 3 months since we heard about the novel Coronavirus in Wuhan. Boy! I don’t even like use the word, “Coronavirus” in my title. Here in Seattle, Washington we had the first novel coronavirus outbreak in a nursing home in mid to late February. It was […]

Calming Bottle

This is the most popular activity for my clients at my clinic. It is very easy to create a one of a kind sensory bottle. We shake it and watch the object move and float. It helps us to calm down and be mindful. What you Need: Plastic Voss Water Bottles 330ml(11.15OZ) This is a bottled […]